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Chocolate Fudge 

Our signature moist chocolate cake, layered with a rich and smooth chocolate ganache

Classic Vanilla

A soft vanilla-infused sponge cake, layered with smooth vanilla buttercream and apricot/strawberry jam

Citrus Earl Grey Tea 

A moist Earl Grey fragrant cake, layered with delicious lemon ganache and buttercream

Pistachio and Raspberry

A light and soft vanilla sponge cake filled with crumbled pistachio buttercream and raspberry gelee in the middle

Matcha and Strawberry 

A joyful bitter sweet Matcha sponge cake filled with earthy matcha buttercream and strawberry gelee through the middle

Vanilla Chocolate

A soft vanilla-infused sponge cake filled with rich and smooth chocolate ganache

Vietnamese Coffee and Hazelnut

Made with our signature Vietnamese coffee sponge cake and filled with coffee buttercream


Moist chocolate sponge cake filled with our signature smooth Vietnamese coffee buttercream

Cookies and Cream 

Made with light vanilla sponge cake, fresh cookies crumbs, cookies and cream buttercream

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Macarons come in box of 12/20 

Minimum order 1 Dozen (with minimum 6 of each flavor)

$3 each for default macaron

$4 each for custom macaron

Vanilla Bean

Classic Dark Chocolate



Vietnamese Coffee

Coconut Pandan

French Earl Grey Tea 

Thai Milk Tea

Passion Fruit 

Chocolate Orange 


Chocolate Peanut Butter

Cookies and Cream

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Cupcakes come in box of 6 or 12 

Minimum order 6 cupcakes 


Our classic moist vanilla cupcake topped with vanilla buttercream


Our moist chocolate cupcake topped with decadent chocolate ganache

Vietnamese Coffee Cupcakes 

Our moist coffee cupcakes are packed with creamy Vietnamese Coffee Flavour topped with coffee buttercream and filled coffee & condensed milk ganache.

Black Forest Cupcakes 

These Black Forest Cupcakes are made with a moist chocolate cupcake, homemade cherry filling and fresh vanilla whipped cream on top.

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Cookies come in box of 12 

Classic Vanilla 

Classic vanilla sugar cookies

Dark Chocolate and Hazelnut Cookies

Our gourmet cookies made with brown sugar, dark chocolate chunks and hazelnut, top-coated with chewy chocolate fudge.

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Brownies come in pack of 6 slides (600g)

Classic Brownies 

Our signature soft, chewy centre and firm crisp edges Brownies, with the warmth of cinnamon and cloves.

Honey Malt Liqueur Brownies 

These delicious Brownies are infused with Sparkke x Save The Bee's Honey Malt Liqueur which have a soft, chewy centre, firm crisp edges with the warmth of cinnamon, cloves & honey.

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